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It's a just small part of what makes Kentucky what it is.  From its unique tastes to just how it's made can be a point of interest for many people who live here.

Some of the greatest bourbons which are found all over the country and even the world call Kentucky its home, from Jim Beam Distilleries to Maker's Mark and Heaven Hill Distilleries.  They can all be found right here in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

At Stone Fences, we can give you that opportunity to see just how it's made and how from many ingredients come this great social drink.  Not only will you see how it's made, you'll get to meet the people behind it, master distillers who have come from a great line of other master distillers and founders who have given their lives work to make this a reality.  We will give the history behind this craft and show you just how these founders who made the drink you hold today a reality for everyone to enjoy.

So take a time-out.  Come with us on a journey to see how it's all done and get a glimpse into the lives of the people behind this awesome craft.  So whether your just a beginner or connoisseur of bourbon, you'll find just about anything to peak your interests here on our Bourbon Barons Tours.

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 Tripadvisor Reviews

Jerry and Hope were fantastic guides, very much like practicing historians, full of information about local history, current events, American history, and many topics. The Ripy tour immediately caught my attention as a unique opportunity to visit a spectacular historic home and get a different insight into the local bourbon industry/history. The tour was relaxed, well-paced, well-organized, and had a personal touch. Would definitely sign up for another tour in the future!

Kasia K


We really enjoyed our Beam bourbon based tour. We stopped at 3 distilleries associated with the Beam family. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, witty, and made our tour enjoyable. This tour was fun! I loved the craft distillery on this tour the best, but all of them were neat. (Pun intended). I really recommend this tour or any of the tours they offer. We will be back to try another tour. Plus, great price for what you get!

Shannon S

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