A Bluegrass Divided

This tour will take you back to pre-Civil War central Kentucky.  During this antebellum period, Kentucky was divided on its view of slavery.  Lexington was home to one of the largest slave markets in the country.  Slave traders roamed the area looking to sell African-Americans into slavery.  We will also look into the lives of the slave owning Ward family by visiting their summer home, Ward Hall.  The area was also a hotbed of abolitionism.  We will focus on the emancipationist Cassius Clay and take a tour of his family home, White Hall.  So take a trip with us to see the struggle to maintain or end human bondage in the Bluegrass State.

This tour is approximately 4-5 hours and includes sites in and around Lexington with some moderate walking. Water and snacks will be provided. We will pick you up at a local hotel or at the Lexington Visitor Center.
Price: $50 (includes fees for tours at the historic mansions of Ward Hall and White Hall).

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