Culinary Trail of the Commonwealth

Culinary Trail of the Commonwealth

Kentucky’s culinary scene was a well-kept secret until showcased on Season 16 of Bravo’s Top Chef. Throughout the three-month long broadcast, the diversity of Kentucky’s exploding food scene was revealed along with some of our most iconic sites. As we salivated though each episode, an idea emerged to combine what we love to do, show off our beautiful state, with what we live to do-eat.  Join us as we travel from Lexington to Louisville to savor the cuisine of the celebrity chefs who served as judges on the show. We will have breakfast at Ouita Michel’s Midway Bakery, lunch at Edward Lee’s Whiskey Dry, dinner at Annie Pettry’s Decca and a cocktail at the famous Seelbach Bar. We will work up an appetite by touring Kentucky landmarks: Keeneland, Makers’ Mark and the Muhammad Ali Center. This will be a unique experience for the “foodie” in all of us.


Pickup: Lexington Visitor’s Center

Stop #1 Keeneland

Stop #2 Midway Bakery (Ouita Michel)

Stop #3 Maker’s Mark

Stop #4 Whiskey Dry (Edward Lee)

Stop #5 Muhammad Ali Center

Stop #6 Decca (Annie Pettry)

Stop #7 Seelbach Bar

Dropoff: Lexington Visitor’s Center

Approximate Tour Time 8:15am- 8pm

Price $225: Includes all meals, tours, tastings and cocktail. Water and snacks will be provided.

*Minimum group of four needed to do tour*

Tour is by request only.  Please call and ask for more information if interested in booking.

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