Uncork and Unwined

Uncork & Unwined

Everyone knows that Kentucky’s name is synonymous with bourbon and horses. However, Kentucky has a long history with the wine industry. The first commercial vineyard in the United States is located in Kentucky. By the late 1800s, Kentucky was the third largest wine producing state in the nation. All of that ended with the introduction of Prohibition. Kentucky’s farmers then turned to tobacco production which remained the dominant industry throughout the twentieth century. Now with the downturn of the tobacco industry, farmers are turning back to the production of wine. Currently, Kentucky has seventy+ commercial vineyards and the industry is still growing. So join us as we take in the beauty and history of central Kentucky’s vineyards while we visit three locations for a little R&R and wine tastings.

Tour will be approximately 7-8 hrs long. We will pickup/ dropoff at the Lexington Visitor’s Center, 215 W Main St, Lexington.

Water and snacks will be provided.

Pricing $120 (Includes tours and tastings at all locations plus lunch).



1) Lovers Leap

2) Rising Sons

3) Prodigy



1) Equus Run

2) Wildside

3) Silver Springs



1) Grimes Mill

2) Hamon Haven

3) Harkness Edwards



1) Chenault

2) First Vineyard

3) Talon

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